Jacky’s Story

My name is Jacky. I’m a mother and a grandmother; I’m also a hopeless addict. I cannot put into words the way I feel very fortunate.

Naloxone saves lives
Naloxone saves lives

Around 9 months ago I relapsed after a significant amount of clean and sober time. I went for it – booze, benzos, opiates and intravenous “injecting” heroin. A deadly combination.

I would not be writing this if it weren’t for my ex-partner. I was chaotic and dishonest, drinking and using, getting needles at the exchange; he shared his concerns with his drugs worker and requested Naloxone for me.]

If it wasn’t for the fact that this service is available, I would be DEAD and I don’t use the term loosely. My ex-partner had to use it [Naloxone] on two occasions and I was blue and not breathing, basically dead but didn’t stay dead. If this drug was not given to my ex I would be dead.

Eight months on, I’m in a kinder place mentally better. I have a drugs misuse specialist Suzanne Bloomfield, a CPN Sue Blatchford. I’m not using street drugs or alcohol. I’m stable on a Subutex daily script. I discussed a home detox with the team today. All positive stuff.

This service should continue. NALOXONE SAVED MY LIFE.

And for this I am truly grateful.