If you choose to take illegal drugs, the information to keep you safe below can help you to do so safely, and minimise your risk of harm or overdose.

Preventing overdose

Some overdoses can be prevented. If you are taking prescribed or over the counter medications you should always follow the advice on the packaging. If you choose to use a substance which is illegal, then follow our information to keep you safe.

No matter how careful you are, there is always a risk of overdose, which is why we recommend that more people carry Naloxone, which is a substance that reverses the symptoms of a heroin overdose. This is free, and we can train you on how to use it. Find out more about Naloxone here.

Information to keep you safe to prevent an overdose

  • Don’t use on your own. If you must use on your own, then tell someone first so that they someone can check on you. Make sure they can reach you – by leaving the front door unlocked or making sure they have a key.
  • If you are using with someone else, make a plan, try not to use at the same time and make sure your friend is willing to call for help in case things do go wrong.
  • Know your tolerance. Use a small dose first to see how strong it is and how it could affect you.
  • Don’t mix drugs and alcohol. If you do choose to, use the drugs first before alcohol.
  • Know the quality of the drug. Try to use a reliable/regular dealer, start low and go slow.
  • Know your own body. Physical health problems, lack of sleep and dehydration can all put you at higher risk of overdose.



Following this advice can help to keep yourself and those around you safer when using drugs. But if you are ready to think about reducing your drug use, or quitting completely, then support is out there for you. Get in touch with us to learn more about the support we offer. Contact us on 01752434343 or