The Joint Agency Substance Misuse in Pregnancy team and their role at Harbour

The Joint Agency Substance Misuse in Pregnancy (JASMIN) is the multi-disciplinary team dedicated to working with pregnant women who are using substances. The core team is made up of a Substance Misuse Specialist, Family Support Worker and a Specialist Midwife to ensure expert care from the beginning of the pregnancy right through until the end.The aim of the team is to engage women at this often stressful and emotive time to improve outcomes for the mother and child by offering a high level of intervention and support. JASMIN also has very strong links to Children’s Centres, Probation, Hamoaze House and Children, Young People and Family Services so through the early stages of parenthood right through to the end, mothers are supported.

Our Drug Liaison and Safeguarding Midwife has said: “Harbour provides a wonderful service, not just in addressing substance misuse, but also helping with relapse prevention. Many of my patients over the years have really appreciated the input from Harbour. Fundamentally when helping pregnant women we are not just looking after the mother, but also her unborn baby. The consequences of substance misuse on unborn babies can be devastating and in some cases, particularly with alcohol use, it can leave that child life-long irreparable damage.”